You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
“Blue Moon”, Ella Fitzgerald
1 note   -  13 February 2014



  -  13 February 2014

Blue Moon
  -  13 February 2014


The end is at hand

Keep me in the backroom
So you feel safe at night

Waiting on the pillows
So I can sleep alright

Tossin and turnin
wonderin what it must be like

To love someone when
Nothings goin right

Waitin on somethin
Holdin onto nothin
Ooh girl you must be frontin
Tellin me that im givin you somethin
You got that feelin but you’re showing me nothin

Turn around and look at you
You’re lookin like you wanna end it
Sayin we’re just friends and

I’m thinkin the same thing too
You’re just playin my emotions
and Damn this girl is poison

  -  15 December 2013

a frank ocean cover

1 note   -  3 December 2013


See you in dreamland ✨